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What lies beyond this hell....

Hello, the name's Alex. I live in Florida and I'm 28 years old and am a Pansexual GQ FTM. Most likely you guys saw this through DLS and have probably talked to me before. Well, if by chance, this isn't the case, I hope to get to know you.

WARNING: I post and reblog some graphic pictures. You don't like it, don't follow me. Have a nice day.

Aug 16 '14

Remind me again why I should just care about anyone?

Jul 27 '14




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Jul 8 '14

I’m in the mood for blood. To see it, feel it drip from my skin, the blade cutting in, the glorious sharp pain as my skin is opened and my lifeforce is revealed to the air. Who am I kidding? That’s going to be a while yet. 

Jan 18 '14
"Come into me.
Let me remind you why human contact is an absolute necessity.
Let me grab those hips of yours, and bring you in close enough to show you that you will never lose me.
I want to bite your lips and fill your mouth with reasons why you’ll never want to belong to anyone else. I’ll let you trail your fingernails down my back as a map of the places you’ve taken me.
You’ll fill my ears with the noises you make and remind me that the only thing I want to get high off of is your laugh.
And when I whisper that I love you, it’ll never be out of secrecy, but rather out of the certainty that you literally leave me breathless."

Connotativewords | jl | The Flame That Keeps Burning (via connotativewords)


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Jan 14 '14

Ya know.. She keeps telling me that we’re together. That she loves me. How can one be “in a relationship” when it feels more like “it’s fucking complicated”?

Jan 12 '14



  • blew the power out at the superbowl
  • broke iTunes servers releasing her new album

this is proof that the world honestly cannot handle her

Dec 22 '13

So.. who’s in the mood to blow off the head of every woman who’s ever fucked me over? This guy. Good thing I don’t have a fucking gun or access to transportation right now. The first one would be the most recent cunt to fuck me over. 

Dec 20 '13

Fuck this. I’m done. Disappearing now. Fuck you all.

Dec 20 '13

I honestly don’t think relationships are worth it anymore. I’m actually becoming cold at this point. I think I should become Arthas and roam an area until I find a magical helm and become The Lich King.

Dec 16 '13



I don’t know what this is from but I would definitely like to find out